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Family Tree Shortcuts is a website designed to help people get the most out of There are many genealogy resources on the internet to choose from, but features the most powerful software and the most extensive records, making it not just the genealogy site of choice for us, but for millions worldwide.

Of course, just because it is the best doesn’t mean that everything is crystal clear. This site’s focus is on those elements which are most important but often misunderstood. We’re setting the record straight, explaining the myths of the site as well as some of the little-known gems.

Check out the General Questions section for queries relating to various aspects of genealogy, such as why it is important or why is considered the industry leader.

If you want details specifically about the site, including tutorials, how-to’s, and explanations on how to make the most of its massive databases, we’ve got that too.

And if you want help avoiding issues that some users frequently complain about, then don’t miss this section. Our resource about the supposed Scam used to be our most visited page. However, now most people find our site looking for information on Ancestry’s current prices, so be sure to check out that page as well.

There is also a little bit of information about Family Tree Maker and its relationship to

We also have a section for frequently asked questions.

Check out the site, learn a little bit. And if you haven’t already signed up for your own account, what are you waiting for? It’s time to discover your ancestors!

If you have questions about this site, you can contact help (at) (Replace the “(at)” with a “@” symbol.) Since we have no official relationship with, your questions regarding the actual site are best directed towards their customer support.

Thanks, and happy hunting (for your ancestors, that is)!