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Will I be charged for being a registered guest?

If you don’t see a “Cancel Subscription” link as shown in the video on the page about the supposed Scam, more than likely you don’t actually have a paid subscription. On the “My Account Options” page under “Subscription: Current Subscriptions,” if it says registered guest, then you actually only signed up for a guest account, and you won’t be billed anyway.

I suggest to call 1-800-Ancestry if you are unsure.

To tell the truth, many times people have signed up for a registered guest account but not actually a 14-day trial per se. Registered guest accounts are 100% free, so if you find out that this is the case, then you’re fine. If you didn’t enter a credit card or debit card, then this must be the case since won’t activate a trial without a card number.

If you did enter a credit card number, feel pretty confident that you DID sign up for a trial, and you still see your account as a registered guest, it’s possible that you accidentally signed up for two accounts — and the one you’re current able to access is the guest account. This is somewhat uncommon, but it does happen from time to time. That’s why I suggest calling 1-800-Ancestry if you are unsure. They’ll try to keep you in the program, but if you insist on canceling, then they’re really good about it. If your trial was never activated like I suspect, then they can verify that for you. If I’m not mistaken, they can also search for any accidental duplicate accounts.

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