Family Tree Shortcuts

“ Scam” Explained scam. Heard of it? A lot of people claim that is just a scam operation, and they definitely have reasons for it—often good ones as well. But if you’re really interested in building your family tree and researching your roots, hopefully you’ve truly done your homework and discovered that there is no such thing as an scam. Everything is completely legitimate. So why do some people cry wolf—or in this case, “ scam?” It’s because they don’t understand this simple process: how to cancel. What a shame! Can you imagine turning down a car because you don’t understand the different between an automatic or manual transmission? Can you imagine turning away a house because you don’t understand the real estate process? Researching your roots and building your family tree is so important—and there truly is no better resource out there—so why would you avoid simply because other people don’t know how to cancel? That’s right, if you know how to completely cancel your subscription, you can avoid most frustrations that people complain about when using to build a family tree. Scam Avoidance: Cancellation Process

Of course, those who cry scam are partly justified because the process is slightly confusing. If you remember this simple rule, you should be okay: You always get a seven digit cancellation number if you cancel correctly. If you don’t have this number, you didn’t actually cancel (that’s why some people claim is a scam—they get billed for a renewal even though they think they cancelled).

If you need to cancel for any reason, there are two ways to do it:

1) Call customer support at 1-800-Ancestry.

2) Follow the online cancellation steps. See the video below to see the steps in action. Scam Click on the full screen button to watch the video using your entire computer screen. You can also double-click the video to watch it full screen.

That’s it! So what are you waiting for? Don’t let other people scare you out of one of the best opportunities of your life—researching your roots. Start filling out the family tree below, and you’ll discover that not only is the best genealogy resource out there, it’s also completely legitimate!

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