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Subscription Costs Explained

Of course, to search ancestry, first you’ll need a subscription. features subscriptions on a variety of levels. Do you just need to search ancestry for a few weeks? Or do you intend to search ancestry for a full year? Either way, you’re covered. Furthermore, do you need a subscription for just United States records, or do your ambitions require a subscription for countries such as Great Britain, Canada, Australia, or others?

Know What Your Cost Is Upfront

This is the important thing to recognize: regardless of the subscription you choose, your cost is for the entire length of the subscription up front. displays their prices on a month by month basis so you can easily compare and make the best decision for you, but knowing that the entire lot is taken out at once will save you from a lot of frustration later.

The short of it is this: if you plan on using for a while, go with a longer membership. Just be aware that your cost will be full term at the beginning. And if you don’t need to go outside of the United States for your research, you can begin with the U.S. Deluxe membership. You can always upgrade later if you want.

The cost may seem like a lot, but remember that you get what you pay for. It’s true that you can pay a fraction of this price for other genealogy sites, but you also get a fraction of the records. And quite frankly, usually the ratio is not in your favor. If you really want to be effective with your research, there’s a good chance you’ll eventually end up with anyways, so you might just want to save yourself the money and sign up with the best to begin with.

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