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How Much Does AncestryDNA Cost?

The online genealogy industry is booming. Thanks to the incredible resources provided by technology, family history information and processes that used to be very costly and time consuming are now at the tip of our fingers for impressively low costs. One of the hottest things right now is genetic testing and DNA kits. And there’s a good reason – check out our AncestryDNA review if you want to find out whether or not it’s worth it. There are compelling reasons why you should or shouldn’t consider a DNA kit for yourself, but regardless of where you are long the route of deciding whether to pick up a kit, one of the things you need to consider is pricing.

Ancestry has become known for providing different pricing levels depending on the type of subscription you want – how much access and how long you want it. (We’ve got a full page about pricing on the subscription you can check out if you’re interested in that.) However, the AncestryDNA kit offers the same thing for everyone – DNA testing with an ethnicity estimate and potential relative matchup. Because of this, AncestryDNA is provided for a single low cost. And when we say low, we mean something that’s very affordable for the powerful results it can potentially provide.

The ethnicity estimate provides very interesting details on your genetic background and gives you a sense of who you are and where you came from. However, the relative matching and potential to hook into extensive research provided by others (as long as they made their research public to others with common ancestors, which many users do) is one of the most compelling reasons to look into AncestryDNA. If you do, a subscription can really explode the amount of information you have access to. However, it’s important to note that no subscription is required to get an AncestryDNA kit. It’s a one-time fee. You buy it once, and that’s the only time you ever have to buy it. Ever. You have your ethnicity estimate forever. And you have the ability to tie it into a subscription at any time to hook it into the more extensive family tree research, but again, this is not required. (You can also look into a free subscription trial if that’s something you think you might be interested in but aren’t sure about.)

So how much does AncestryDNA cost? We can’t give an exact price here because there are certain variables at play, including periodic price increases and temporary pricing discounts. Because this site (Family Tree Shortcuts) is not maintained by AncestryDNA, we would be providing you a disservice by listing a price here that could fluctuate without our knowledge.

To find the current pricing, just click this link: DNA testing

Please note that discounts are available at various times of the year. A good time to check for discounts is during the holidays, but there are others available at other times as well. I personally got my kit in the spring and got a nice discount (not huge by any means, but nice all the same). Don’t waste your time scouring the internet for coupon codes though. When discounts are available, they’re prominently displayed right on the AncestryDNA page. All you need to do is click through to check out the current best pricing.

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