Family Tree Shortcuts

Export Your Family Tree as a GEDCOM

As you search ancestry and research your genealogy, you may come across the word GEDCOM. What is a GEDCOM, you may ask? It stands for Genealogical Data Communication file, and it has become the technological standard for genealogy records. In other words, a GEDCOM file can store all of the births and deaths and other details of your family tree into a text file on the computer. While this isn’t helpful in and of itself, you can transfer your family tree from one genealogy website or software program in this way. uses its own file, but you can easily export your family tree as a GEDCOM file if you need to open it on a different website or software program.

To export your family tree as a GEDCOM, simply follow the steps as shown in the video.

Click on the full screen button to watch the video using your entire computer screen. You can also double-click the video to watch it full screen.