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With 5 billion records under its belt, definitely dominates the online genealogy world. But there is one more thing that makes it almost unbelievable in terms of its far-reaching scope for everyone who wants to discover their ancestors: the massive family tree database. Every person who enters a family tree on the site can allow it to be public. That way, members with the same ancestors can compare genealogy notes through their family trees. Can you imagine how exciting it feels to begin to search ancestry and discover that someone else has already researched a significant arm of your family tree? It’s a great feeling.

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Even if you don’t have a subscription to, you can have a free registered guest account and build your tree based on what you already know. Just start filling in the form to start your tree (you will be redirected to the site, where you can continue building your tree and complete your free registration). If you want access to the massive family tree database that hosts, all you need is the most basic subscription—the U.S. Deluxe Membership. Then you have access to all public family trees, regardless of country. Is there someone in England who has the same ancestors as you? You can compare genealogy notes with them using your family trees. Want to search ancestry to see if you have Canadian relatives? The U.S. Deluxe subscription allows you to see any public family tree. Of course, has also instituted privacy measures to allow you to share your genealogy while preventing problems.