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How to Save Your Census and BMD Records

As you use, you are sure to discover mountains of information in the census databases and the BMD collections (births and deaths and marriages). Who knows, maybe you’ll find hidden treasures in military records or the cemetery where your ancestors are buried. Either way, you’ll want to save these records so you can find them again later.

Whether you have a census or some BMD information, it’s important to know how to save it. has three options:

Family tree: Found a BMD record that contains births and deaths for your ancestors? Save it right to your tree!

Shoebox: Found a census that might refer to one of your ancestors, but you’re not sure? That’s ok, just save it to your shoebox. Then you can easily find it again later for further examination.

Hard Drive: Want to keep the military records that have your ancestor’s signature on your own computer? Download it right to your hard drive! Then you’ll always have it, even if you don’t keep your subscription!

View the video below to see directions on how to save records.

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