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Upgrading and Downgrading Memberships Explained

Have you been enjoying U.S. census and military records when you suddenly find out you need U.K. census and parish records? Or perhaps you have been enjoying the incredible volume of resources available on the World Deluxe membership but now intend to focus solely on U.S. records? If either of these cases apply to you, you likely need to upgrade or downgrade your membership.

To upgrade your membership, you can call customer service, or you can follow the steps in the video below. To downgrade your membership, you must call customer service. In both cases, upgrading or downgrading renews your subscription for a full year. In other words, you pay as though you were signing up for the different subscription completely anew. The difference is that you get a prorated refund for your current subscription—but you should be aware that while the full charge is immediate, the refund can take a few business days to process (which isn’t’s fault, by the way—it’s just one of those credit card things that don’t make much sense).

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