Family Tree Shortcuts

Your Family Tree—You’ve Built It… But What Happens to It if You Cancel?

Of course, with’s amazing resources, it’s not a surprise that practically everyone wants to build an online family tree on their site. You start out with what you know, a few births and deaths, and go from there. Pretty soon you’re finding birth records, military records, and more, vigorously adding them to your family tree. You’ve done a great job and hope to do more, but for one reason or another, you cannot renew your subscription for another year. Maybe you have family problems that need increased attention, or maybe there are some unexpected births and deaths going on. So you cancel your subscription. Has all of that effort that you put into your family tree gone to waste? No!

You Continue to Have Access to Your Family Tree Even Without a Subscription

Even without a subscription, you can login to your account (same username and password) and continue to enjoy your family tree. Want to check some dates for births and deaths? No problem. Want to show aunt Betty your impressive work? Go right ahead. The only thing is that you can’t access the birth records and military records that you found unless you resubscribe (or unless you had the foresight to save them to your hard drive).